Zeliang Wang

Order-Controlled Multiple Shift SBR2 Algorithm for Para-Hermitian Polynomial Matrices

Zeliang Wang, Johh G. McWhirter, Jamie Corr, Stephan Weiss



In this work we present a new method of controlling the order growth of polynomial matrices in the multiple shift second order sequential best rotation (MS-SBR2) algorithm which has been recently proposed by the authors for calculating the polynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition (PEVD) for para-Hermitian matrices. In effect, the proposed method introduces a new elementary delay strategy which keeps all the row (column) shifts in the same direction throughout each iteration, which therefore gives us the flexibility to control the polynomial order growth by selecting shifts that ensure non-zero coefficients are kept closer to the zero-lag plane. Simulation results confirm that further order reductions of polynomial matrices can be achieved by using this direction-fixed delay strategy for the MS-SBR2 algorithm.

Keywords - MS-SBR2, Polynomial Matrix EVD, Order Growth Control.