Zeliang Wang

Polynomial Matrix SVD Algorithms for Broadband Optical MIMO Systems

Andreas Ahrens, André Sandmann, Zeliang Wang, Johh G. McWhirter



Polynomial matrix singular value decomposition (PMSVD) plays a very important role in broadband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. It can be used to decompose a broadband MIMO channel matrix in order to recover the transmitted signals corrupted by the channel interference (CI) at the receiver. In this contribution newly developed singular value decomposition (SVD) algorithm for polynomial matrices are analyzed and compared in the application of decomposing optical MIMO channels. The bit-error rate (BER) performance is evaluated and optimized by applying bit and power allocation schemes. For our simulations, the specific impulse responses of the (2 × 2) MIMO channel, including a 1.4 km multi-mode fiber and optical couplers at both ends, are measured for the operating wavelength of 1576 nm.

Keywords - Polynomial Matrix SVD, Broadband MIMO, Optical MIMO, Bit Allocation, Power Allocation.